Mau Loa Expressions

Bringing Aloha to Nebraska

Aloha and Welcome! I am Mau Loa Expressions also known as Abby. I have a simple goal. I just want to create and spread my love for arts and even some crafts to others. There are many things in this world that give me joy. Gaming, books, movies, music. I'm easily soothed haha. It's all art in one form or another. I suppose you're wondering, "You're in Nebraska but you have a Hawaiian name?". Glad you asked. Three years ago, a few months after I married the love of my life, we had the opportunity to go to Hawaii for our Honeymoon. Now you hear about the Hawaiian attitude, Aloha Spirit and all that. I heard it from my husband who used to live there, but until you are actually there, you just can't understand it. And I'm not talking about commercialized Hawaii, I'm talking about real Hawaii. The part you don't really see unless you venture out of the tourist trap. The locals, the atomosphere, the food...omg the food lol. All of it. I felt different the minute I got off the plane. I was told that was the islands calling you home, and boy did I feel that call. Even breathing was different. It was a magical experience I will never forget. My husband even got me a necklace from a local artist, that turtle has become probably my most favorite piece of jewelry he has ever bought me, close second only to my engagement right. (Kai Pua in Lahaina. Check them out they are amazing!!!!) But all too soon it had to come to an end. I went into a funk coming back to Nebraska. Think I watched every Hawaiian tv show or movie I could find.  Our bedroom is even turning into a Hawaiian oasis. This is where Mau Loa Expressions comes into play. I wanted a name that expressed the love I felt. Mau Loa means forever. I want that love to be forever etched in everyone's hearts when they have one of my pieces in their homes. I am working diligently on adding a few more Hawaiian pieces to my collection. I think we all could use a little Aloha Spirit right now. Mahalo and thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your time here. Shaka Brah! -Abby


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