From Okay to OMG

So it's been a month. Started with a couple of desks. Finally was able to convince my brother in law to make them for me. (May have taken a bit a bribery but ya know I do what I have to lol) Well during the week before the big construction job I had to clear out our computer desks, which was an adventure in itself as the room they had to go into was too small for our setups. Then came the point that I just kept staring at the carpet. It was nasty carpet, we're renting so I couldn't just replace it myself. Then we made the discovery.....There are original hardwood floors under that carpet! Made up my mind then and there. Called the landlord and no sooner had he uttered the words Yes you can do that, my sister was already in the house tearing up the carpet. Lord that carpet was awful and the dust! SO MUCH DUST. Once the feeling of accomplishment of removing the carpet went away it started to sink it...."What did I just do and what do I do with it now." Youtube FTW!

Hardest and most time consuming process of the whole thing...Removing the carpet glue. That took a few days to complete. Might not have been so bad but the desks were built in the middle of that so I couldn't work on the floors. All in all it took about 2 weeks to get most everything back to normal. Then about another week to get my shop back in order as it had become a catch all for things in the house. Now it's time to get back into work mode which has been easier said than done. All I wanna do is stay in the game room haha. Well until next time! Let me know your thoughts. Have you done a crazy random home improvement project?


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